Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ode to "Greater New York"

(Wherein and whereby I prove to myself that constructing the little stanzas of doggerel that poetaster Calvin Trillin provides in each issue of The Nation is harder than it looks)

Rob and I really don’t want to boast
But this is Greater New York’s 100th post
We are happy to have written so much
About New York City, State, and such

We are proud critics and nay-sayers
Skewerers of the city’s mayors
And we use our native stubbornness
To offer critiques of its wretched mal-governance

And as for Spitzer and the rest of the state
Things could be better, they aren’t great
Albany is just a pool of cess
And we will endeavor to clean the mess

Thanks gentle readers, at your computers
Skeptics, cynics, and refuters
Fellers of forests of falsehoods, like enraged loggers
For supporting the work of two humble bloggers

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And thanks to our readers.