Friday, April 18, 2008

Remembering Clinton Fatigue

Hillary Clinton recently mocked Barack Obama's criticisms of the politics of the Nineties (and her husband's administration) by asking which aspect of it he didn't like: the peace or the prosperity? But Clinton's memories of the Nineties mask an unfortunate source of her husband's popularity: the ugliness of the Republicans who opposed him.

Plenty of Democrats stood by Bill Clinton during his second term not because they strongly endorsed him, but because they despised the Republicans and their impeachment even more. Many people grew tired of the Clinton's irresponsible, ineffectual style of government. We yearned for something steadier, grounded in a firmer set of principles.

Hillary Clinton should be wary of reminding Democrats of the Nineties. For many people, it brings back the sense of disappointment and frustration that goes by the name of Clinton fatigue.

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