Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Poem

And from Oahu and Chicago
One will come to lead us
After his predecessor
Came only to bleed us

Pity our poor country
Pummeled, on the ropes
But our new champion comes
(a brown bomber, perhaps)
Audaciously, giving hopes

For we have sinned grievously
Bratty with misbehavior
Spank us and pardon us
Our newly elected savior

Oh we don’t expect miracles
Just a little walking on water
More respect for the rule of law
And a little less disorder

From our long national nightmare
Rouse us, please let us awaken
Our prince charming, perhaps?
I hope we’re not mistaken

Your problems will be many
Brutal wars and a great depression
(But to look on the bright side
At least there's no secession)

All that we want
Is that no tragedies your tenure mar
And that you always talk like Lincoln
And learn to act like FDR

You’re our kansaskenyan
Our national blend
Our tall cup of black coffee
Our national friend

We are sorely troubled
Keening, bent over with grief
But hail to us, for voting for you
And hail to you, chief.

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