Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sun Sets

The death of The Sun, the conservative broadsheet edited by Seth Lipsky, leaves New York's newspaper world poorer.

Its editorial page reminded me of the Wall Street Journal's, and its selection of stories tilted toward issues of concern to the right. This was to be expected in a paper that was founded to be a conservative voice in a city allegedly dominated by the liberal media.

Despite my ideological differences with the Sun, I enjoyed reading it. The Sun was energetic and intelligent. In a city where local news coverage has been weak since the death of New York Newsday, the Sun was a great way to keep up with little-covered corners of Gotham. And its arts coverage was often compelling.

Of course, there were plenty of days when I put down my Sun in a fit of disagreement. But as often as that happened, I went back to it again and again. I'll miss it.

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